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The next evolution in training for mastery of Professional Wrestling.

The CYN Co-Operative is driven to become a premier Professional Wrestling institution. The CYN: Co-Op focus is on both the physicality and rigor that is required in the ring along with the mental aptitude and creativity necessary outside.  Created by “EC3”, he and the CYN team bring over 30 years of experience in not only professional wrestling, but live performance, health/wellness, music, business management and more to create a comprehensive signature program unlike anything in the industry. You will receive hands-on learning and access to unique opportunities that no other school chooses to provide.



At the CYN: Co-Op, you will be trained by some of the best in essential skills required in the high stakes business of Professional Wrestling. With EC3's experience and expertise, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of professional wrestling effectively. More importantly, you will learn what it takes beyond when the bell rings.



Not only will you benefit from a hands-on learning experience, but you will also have access to unique opportunities that no other school can provide. From connecting with industry professionals to building relationships with current wrestlers to growth in all facets of life. The CYN: Co-Op will create a path for you that would otherwise remain unpaved.



Our signature programs are designed so you can learn quickly without sacrificing quality. The Co-Op will focus on giving our students the tools they need to succeed in a competitive field such as Professional Wrestling. With our help, but most importantly your desire, you will have a much better chance of achieving your goals in this highly competitive industry, and in this journey called life.

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