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With nearly 20 years of experience, from the humblest beginnings to national television “EC3” has battled odds, defied expectations, and has overcome all obstacles that come with the professional wrestling industry. EC3 has proven himself by competing in every major American promotion, becoming a multiple time World Champion, and competes still today at the highest levels professional wrestling has to offer. One of the highest profile personas in both physical and psychological prowess, “EC3” brings his unique creativity and relentless mindset on a mission to help create the next evolution of world-class professional wrestlers. Through CYN’s signature programs, our prospects will be prepared for the rigors and the challenges of the road ahead in a career in this industry. From fundamentals and physicality to the promotion and presentation.

The Co-Operative's goal is to put you in

the position to achieve all that you desire.

At the CYN: Co-Operative, you can become who you are supposed to be.

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Matt Robey (Cleveland, OH) has been a journeyman in the world of professional wrestling for over 20 years. Robey trained locally alongside EC3 before continuing his education at FCW under Steve Keirn and Norman Smiley, two of wrestling’s premier trainers. 
As one of The Co-Operative's Coaches, Robey is responsible for developing and executing CYN’s comprehensive training programs from a prospect’s first step in the ring, to the most complicated of maneuvers. Robey’s sharp eye and attention to detail ensure the highest quality fundamental knowledge is provided to our prospects. He is known for his in-depth perspective and keen ability to create in ways that many professionals overlook. While Robey’s skillset and determination has led him to work for various major companies, his true gift is coaching up what matters most.

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T H E    J O U R N E Y    B E G I N S
W I T H     Y O U R     F I R S T    S T E P

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