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Ken Dixon


This industry is NOT what I thought it would be. I had it in my head, that this was a

grown man’s business, full of outlaws and bastards. So imagine my surprise when I

set foot in the locker room, and I realized that “the boys” are actually BOYS…

children… who value finesse and looks of approval over little things… like winning

and saying what you mean; meaning what you say. Wrestling is for everybody? My ass!


Ken Dixon is NOTHING like his peers, NOTHING like his opposition, who think the

struggle is eating ramen noodles or sleeping in a car. Pffft! My struggles are real. My thoughts

are dark. And my ways are ugly. 


What is Ken Dixon’s “HISTORY OF VIOLENCE?” It is the outward projection of my innermost thoughts, principles, and experiences. It is who I am at my core, and what I do to the wrestling business and those who occupy it. Win, lose, or survive; my “HISTORY OF VIOLENCE” is a record of the wild terror that I unleash—written in the blood I spill, written in the next man’s blood. It is documented in the traumatic memories of those who have crossed my path—read and recited back from the scars left on the bodies of any sorry sonuvabitch who came to Ken Dixon looking for a fight.


This calculated rage of mine came to be after I survived multiple deployments to war zones in the Middle East & Africa as a contractor. See, here’s the thing about being a non-military worker in a live battle-zone; the enemy doesn’t care that you’re not a soldier. You still get shot at, the only difference is that I was never issued  a gun to shoot back. So don’t talk to me about working three jobs to make your dreams come true. I lived in a goddamn nightmare, hoping to come back in one piece, so I could begin my journey into my true calling.


And I plan to use my “HISTORY OF VIOLENCE” to restore that long forgotten era of wrestling where men were men, might equals right, and how far you advanced in the industry was based on skill and ass kicking, not being a five star mark and ass kissing!


It hasn’t been easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. Almost 18 months ago, I broke my damn neck, and I was told “that’s a wrap”, “hang up the boots”, “call it a day, Dixon.”… Well it’s a good thing I’m a square peg; it’s a good thing I don’t quite fit into the typical modern mold of a sports entertainment superstar; it’s a good thing that doubt and rejection go in one ear and out the other. Because I got back up off that floor, I adapted, I persevered, and now I am more dangerous than I ever was.


“CONTROL YOUR NARRATIVE” is an opportunity—despite the fact that I am sweet chaos and a roaring tire fire—to put my fate back in my hands. And since CYN is a place where the inmates run the asylum, allow me to reiterate to my peers; the modern wrestler… We are NOT the same! I am the monster under your bed. I am the woodchipper, you shall not pass unscathed. I am that SWAT team, kicking in your door then kicking in your skull at 5:59AM. I am the reality check sent to remind you all in the most unkindest of ways, that THIS is not a joke! THIS is dead serious. 


Ken Dixon brings his “HISTORY OF VIOLENCE” to CYN, and the Narrative reads it’s time to take daddy’s tools out of the toy chest and put them back in the toolbox where they belong.

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