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"Prime Time" Dontae Smiley

Physical Dimensions:
Height: 6ft 1in 
Weight: 195 lbs.
Estimated BF%: 7.2%

Mental Acumen: Level (Schooling): UNT

Estimated IQ: 125

Social Media Handle: @PrimeTimeLiving 

Who is Dontae Smiley and why is Dontae Smiley here?

"Dontae Smiley is a generational curse breaking legacy changer that takes what he wants and he is here to fight!

Fight for what though?

To prove me right? To prove “them” wrong? To provide for my family? To leave a legacy that immortalizes the Smiley last

name? To exude violence for the greater good? To bring peace? To prove excuses don’t matter and that the only way to

success is through doing the work, suffering, sacrificing and enduring! To fight for the self being the example of what it looks

like to fight for what you want in life? To prove I am built different? To prove I am the secret weapon?

The answer….

All of it!

He is Me!

I’m a winner because I am a relentless cleaner. And so not only will the people of today know of me, their kids will and their

grandkids will too."

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