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August Artois

Physical Dimensions:
Height: 6ft 1in 
Weight: 205 lbs.
Estimated BF%: 10%

Physical Deformities: Born Too Beautiful

Mental Acumen: Level (Schooling): General

Mental Issues: I'm on a whole different level than others

Estimated IQ: Doesn't Matter

Social Media Handle: Instagram - @The_Real_Artois7 Twitter - @ArtoisAugust 

Who is August Artois and why is August Artois here?

"August Artois is The Realest and The Rawest human you'll ever be lucky enough to meet. I came into this business late in life, but made up for it by bypassing any and everybody in my path to the top. I came in this with the mindset I've always had in life. It's me or you, and you can bet your ass it's going to be me. Luckily I am with a group full of hungry individuals in CYN that can keep up with me, because I'm not here to make friends. 


I am a one of a kind, top tier, first class, five star, iconic individual. I've perched myself so highly on top of my pedestal of perfection, it's going to take an Army to knock me off. My whole life I've been a Star, My whole life I've been Great, and My whole life I've been at the top of WHATEVER I do... What makes you think Professional Wrestling would be any different. I pride myself on being me. There's only one like me. So far from Fake and Flaw. I'm Real and I'm Raw.... I'm August Artois!!!"

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