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"Thee Golden Boy"Andreas John Ziegler - AJZ

 Project Number: Project 22

Physical Dimensions: 
Height: 6 ft 1 in 
Weight: 235 lbs. of pure GOLD
Estimated BF%: 5%

Physical Deformities: Overly muscular pectorals, Mount Everest peaked biceps,

and incomparably sexy.

Mental Acumen: Level (Schooling): Bachelors Degree, President's List In College Student

Estimated IQ: Too high to measure

Mental Issues: When I set my mind on something, I am fixed on it, and I will take what I want. I don't care who I have to hurt, dismantle, maim, or humiliate in that process. I will do what needs to be done to ascend beyond any heights others have reached. So you may ask yourself, is that a mental issue? The answer, society may believe so. But that is why the world and everyone else is stagnant, yet I continue to develop. My "flaws" are what allow me to always get what I deserve.

Social Media Handle: 

Instagram/Twitter/TikTok: @AJZiggy1818

YouTube: Andreas Ziegler

Facebook: Team AJZ

Who is AJZ and why is AJZ here?

"AJZ is the guy who took control of his own narrative at a young age. I was a skinny, nerdy, picked-on kid who built himself up at nine years old. I didn't want to continue to let life step on me, so I chose to step on others, and step on life itself. I became a national champion freestyle skier, national champion bodybuilder, and earned the distinction of summa cum laude in college. For those of you imbeciles who don't know, that means "With Highest Honors". Now as a world-class athlete, I do what needs to be done, to dominate all my matches, all around the globe. AJZ does what AJZ needs to do, for the best interest of AJZ, always. Lastly, I am with Control Your Narrative, to spread my message, and finally put the toughest, most intelligent, stud in Professional Wrestling. "

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