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Prince KayKay (Kaydin Pierre)

 Project Number: Project 18 

Physical Dimensions: 
Height: 6ft  
Weight: 170 lbs.
Estimated BF%: 10%

Physical Deformities: Scars from motor accidents 

Mental Acumen: Level (Schooling): 3 years of college 

Estimated IQ: 180 

Social Media Handle: @KaydinPierre 

Who is Kaydin Pierre and why is Kaydin Pierre here?

"Kaydin Pierre is a very misunderstood individual. My whole life I've been pushed into society standards from my peers all the way down to my parents. I always walked around with a smile on my face because I never wanted anyone to ask me questions about what's wrong. This was because i felt the answer to that question could've changed my life into my worst fear which was being alone. Everything I ever wanted to do that made me feel happy and special I was told I was a "bad person" or going "hot places" because of that and as a child that is a very scary thing not having absolutely anyone to talk to or ask questions because of the fear they implant in you.. I honestly spent a lot of nights no pun intended but locked in the closet crying until I felt I could face the world again. But one day I realized that I can't live for anyone else I have to do what makes me happy because this is My Life and I shouldn't waste it being miserable pleasing others. So I started finding ways to do what made me happy at any cost. People would tell me I could never do the things I dreamed of because of how I talk, walk, or act but when I stopped living for others all that stopped mattering all I cared about was getting the chance to do what made me happy. So when people think I'm doing this to prove myself to other people or to show I can fit in as well it's not that I'm doing this because this is my dream and I love it, I'm doing this FOR ME and that's why I'm here at control your narrative to do exactly that Control My Narrative."

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