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Essential Championship Declaration of Intent
What region do you seek to compete in?
Will you be attending an "Initiative?"
Are you aware and do you accept that by submitting to CYN for consideration to compete in the Essential Championship that all pictures, videos, correspondences, etc. will become Canon in CYN and usable for production, television and written lore?
You trust me that much?

Submit 3 photographs: (1) 8x10 format, (1) flattering in-ring shot, (1) a moment you were happy and a ONE MINUTE  or less promotional video to show us why you are "the leader we've been waiting for". (You can submit over a minute, but it lessens your chances to be seen. If you go over a minute, it better be excellent.

***Submit photographs and photos to:

You Have Been Warned.


Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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